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Purchase Officer : 25431366 Date of Enquiry : 30/07/2010
Tender Enquiry No. : PN/32 Due Date : 21/08/2010
Sr. No. Description of the Material Qty.
1) As per the attached enclosure 05-Con Current user licenses

The rates to be quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, including packing, freight charges and octroi charges for door delivery at our Stores at the FTII.

  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer


1) The vendor has to submit a Earnest Money Deposit ( EMD ) @2% of your quoted value in the form of Demand Draft in favor of Accounts Officer Film & TV Institute of India, Pune payable at Pune. In case vendor fails to submit the said EMD his quotation may be considered but he has to submit a performance security Deposit @ 5% of the Purchase Order Value if the said Vendor is a successful Bidder for the order.
2) Mention Enquiry No. Name of the material , quotation No. & Due date and write as “Limited Tender Enquiry” on the Envelope.
3) Quotation by fax/email and Conditional quotation will not be accepted.
4) Rates to be quoted in words & any correction/overwriting should stamped & signed.


Sub.:- Purchase of Software based Video Communicator Solution with attached features -
(05 nos.- Con Current user licenses)
Sr. No. Features Description
1) Lisence Based on Concurrent user
2) Max supported users in a conference 2000
3) Complete Software based solution Yes
4) Audio Bandwidth Customizable, 20 kbps minimum
5) Video bandwidth Customizable, 120 kbps minimum
6) Multiple Virtual Conference room Yes
7) Web Based Scheduler Yes
8) Works on Broadband, LAN, WAN, & MPLS Yes
9) Support for UNICAST & MULTICAST Yes
10) In-built QoS for quality assurance Yes
11) Customizable Frame rate Yes
12) SD & HD Video quality support Yes
13) Video Sharing Yes
14) Presence Indicator Yes
15) Instant Messaging Yes
16) Direct Call Yes
17) Screen & Application Sharing Yes
18) Possibility of Integrated Strong Authentication with 2 FA, OTP Yes
19) Can be used as Board Room Solution Yes
20) Integration with any H.323 Device Yes
21) On premise or Hosted Both
22) Public or Private Chat Yes
23) Recording of Audio, Video & Data Yes
24) Customizable layout that can be saved Yes
25) Files exchanged in the conference can be saved locally Yes
26) Number of Full Duplex Channels 20
27) Number of Supervisors 1
28) Granual User Management Yes
29) Presenter Can be decided by supervisor
30) Encryption 128/256 bit
31) Support for Algorithms like IDEA, AES, CAST, RC2, RC5 Yes
32) Whiteboard with marker to highlight using multiple colours Yes
33) Passive User Yes
34) Granular User Rights can be defined Yes
35) Built-in Eco Cancellation Yes
36) Toolbar Available Yes
37) Multiple Skins Standard or Classic
38) Media player for playback or recordings Yes




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