Limited Tender Enquiry No. : PN/76 Dated of Enquiry : 20/01/2010
Due Date : 18/02/2010
Sr. No. Description of the Material
1. As per details mentioned in the Annexure ‘A’ enclosed herewith  

The rates to be quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, including packing, freight charges and octroi charges for door delivery at our Stores at the FTII.

  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer


1) The vendor has to submit a Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) @2% of his quoted value in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “ The Accounts Officer , Film & TV Institute of India, Pune”, on any nationalised bank payable at Pune in case the vendor fails to submit the said EMD his quotation may be considered.
2) The successful bidder has to submit a Performance Security Deposit @5% of the Purchase order value either in form of Account Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt on any nationalised bank or Bank Gurantee. It should be valid for the period of 60 day beyond the date of completion of all contractual obligations of the supplier including warranty obligations.
3) Mention Enquiry No. Name of the material , quotation No. & Due date and write as “Limited Tender Enquiry” on the Envelope.
4) Quotation by fax/email and Conditional quotation will not be accepted.
5) Rates to be quoted in words & any correction/overwriting should stamped & signed.


Renewal & Up-gradation of five Internet Connections with following Terms & Conditions

5 internet connections of 2 mbps guaranteed bandwidth over optical fibre medium ( ring network ) upto FTII premises , with more than 99.5% uptime
Important Terms & Conditions :
  1. One additional connection of 2 mbps bandwidth of same quality and specs to be provided as backup without extra charges

  2. starting date: 01.04.2010

  3. Ending date: 31.03.2011

  4. Download/upload : unlimited

  5. FTII should reserve rights to terminate services with prior notice of 15 days without any explanation.

  6. If connection are not started on 01.04.2010, Purchase order automatically stands cancelled.

  7. Downtime penalty : Double the downtime to be compensated as extension to uptime , but should not be more than 2% on monthly basis.



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