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Description/Specifications, Material Code, Quantities of Items
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The Film and Television Institute of India is celebrating its Golden Jubilee Year 2010-11. On this occasion, it plans to release DVDs of awarded and acclaimed student films in 5 DVDs each containing 10 selected films each from last 5 decades. These DVDs will be released in phages through 2010-11. The FTII will select the films and provide either 35 mm release print or picture and sound negatives of the selected films.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The FTII is a premiere Institute imparting training in the art and craft of filmmaking and television production. It is an autonomous body under the Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting receiving deficit budget grant.

  2. On its Golden Jubilee event and with a view to get recognition to the films prepared by their students, it has been decided by the FTII to release the DVDs of student films.

  3. The selected bidder shall undertake the work of producing and releasing the DVDs of student films so as to get sufficient recognition and wider reach to these films and they shall take care of the entire production process etc.

  4. The selected bidder shall take care of the entire Production process at its own costs and the FTII shall not be liable towards the expenses, costs of the production of DVDs of student films.

  5. The FTII shall provide the student films to the selected bidder for preparation of draft product and the selected bidder will produce the draft product for approval of concerned faculty member/s of the FTII. An expert committee, appointed by the Director will check the quality of the authored and mastered material prepared for DVD.T he selected bidder will make final print only after obtaining in writing approval of the FTII.

  6. The Institute will provide picture negative and sound negative for negative telecine or released print for positive telecine whichever is available in good condition with the FTII.

  7. The FTII may provide at the selected bidder’s expenses, 35mm/DVD/Digibeta Pal videotape of broadcast quality available with the Institute.

  8. The selected bidder will have to bear the cost of negative / positive telecine, as the case may be, at good / reputed laboratory

  9. The FTII will make arrangement for delivery and return of the picture and sound negatives / release prints at Mumbai. It will also provide Digi Beta cassettes for the telecine purpose which should be returned to the FTII with the audio-visual material prepared for transfer on DVDs.
  10. The FTII will grade the quality of the material being telecined.

  11. Some of the films have English subtitles. However, the selected bidder will have to get the remaining films English subtitled at his cost.

  12. The FTII has exclusive rights for the films produced by them. However it can grant to the selected bidder non exclusive rights of producing DVDs by them.

  13. The FTII can grant License to the selected bidder for producing the DVDs of the Student Films after approval by the FTII. The FTII will agree that in respect of these DVDs produced by the selected bidder, they shall have exclusive rights in respect of the DVDs so produced and the selected bidder is entitled to sell these Films to the private channels subject to the intimation in writing to the FTII. In that case, out of the royalty earned by the selected bidder, they will agree to pay 25% of the royalty to the FTII. However, the FTII shall have exclusive right to deal with these films with Government channels like DD Bharti, Lokasabha channel etc.

  14. The FTII can provide the Student Films at the request of the selected bidder for exhibiting the same theatrically for promotional purpose in India. In that case the selected bidder will to bear the entire expenses towards transportation etc.

  15. The selected bidder will be entitled to distribute and market these DVDs through their nation wide network and outside India. The FTII will agree that the selected bidder shall have exclusive rights as regards sale and distribution of these DVDs.

  16. The FTII has exclusive rights as regards the student films and the FTII being producer is entitled to deal with the same in any manner. However if in the international market the selected bidder finds any buyer for any of these films, they are entitled to proceed with the said transaction subject to intimation in writing about the same to the FTII. In that case the selected bidder shall pay to the FTII 25 % of the royalty they get through the transaction.

  17. The selected bidder will launch these DVDs in phases as suggested by the FTII.

  18. The selected bidder will be required to intimate in writing about the financial transaction as regards sale, exhibit, market and distribution of DVDs and films in the India and outside India.

  19. The term of this contract will be 7 years, after which the contract will have to be renewed at the discretion of the FTII.

  20. During the subsistence of this tenure the FTII is entitled to terminate the Agreement in case the selected bidder fails to pay 25% royalty amount to the FTII agreed to in the respective clauses. The selected bidder may terminate the Agreement by giving one month notice to the FTII.

  21. In addition to the Royalty amount described above, the selected bidder will be required to pay to the FTII Rs. 500/- per minute for the films selected for inclusion in the DVDs. This amount will be paid in advance. No fees or royalties or acquisition fees over the above mentioned amount is to be paid by the selected bidder to the FTII.

  22. Promotion/publicity material is to be made available by the FTII to the selected bidder at his cost.

  23. The selected bidder shall provide 250 complimentary copies of the each DVDs to the FTII free of cost.

  24. The selected bidder will maintain an active, aggressive and consistent product for promotion of these DVDs.

  25. The selected bidder will use its best efforts to prevent piracy of the DVDs.

  26. The selected bidder will be required to enter into Agreement prepared by the FTII for the purpose and will have adhere strictly to the clauses agreed to during the entire tenure of the Agreement.


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