Tender No. : FTII / Plan /Adv-01 /2009-10 Dated 27-04-2009

Description/Specifications, Material Code, Quantities of Items Rates to be quoted for each of the following item in the "Price bid Schedule" of Rates as per Appendix - 8


Telephone Exchange 25432299, 25431817,
25430363, 25430017 (Ext.210/232)
Fax No. : 91-020-25430416
Purchase Officer : 25431366 E-mail : purchase@ftiindia.com
Sr. No. Name of the Item & Specifications Qty.
1. 416 Condenser Microphones

Model MKH 416 P48 with windshield (MZW 60 ), Pistol Grip Shock mount (MZS 20), Sound Adaptor MZQ 100 and Longhair Wind puff (MXZH 60-1)

2. SM-58 Shure Microphone with clamps 03
3. Head Phones Sony 7509 HD 10
4. Microphone Boom Rod

Bayer Dynamic Make, Model No.MZA 718
5. Lapel Wireless Microphone

Lectra sonic with transmitter and receiver OR Wireless Mike Sanken Make COS II P7 and transmitter Aud Ltd RMS 2040 and Diversity Receiver RMS 2040 OR equivalent from standard brands.

04 Sets
6. Video Projectors 4000 Lumens & above

Long throw with zoom lens (Luimens 4000 & above)
Video projectors like Sony VPL-FX 40, VPL – CX 120 OR Panasonic PT D400 E & PT LB 60 NA EA etc. OR equivalent from standard brands.

7. Video Projectors 3000 Lumens & above

Long throw with zoom lens (Luimens 3000 & above)
Video projectors like Sony VPL-FX 40, VPL – CX 120 OR Panasonic PT D400 E & PT LB 60 NA EA etc. OR equivalent from standard brands.

8. Upgradation / Replacement of existing firewall (Sonicwall 3060)

As per features and specifications attached.
9. Split AC 1.5 Tons capacity 08
10. Hard Disk based Audio/Video Recorder

I) Composite video input/output
II) Component video input/output (preferable)
III) Analog Audio input/output
IV) Recording Time 1 – 2 hours
V) Portable in nature
VI) Battery / Mains Operated

Specifications for Sr. No.8 - Up gradation/ Replacement of existing Firewall (Sonic wall 3060)

Rates may be quoted separately for:

1. Up gradation of Existing firewall with specified features.
2. New Firewall system with specified features and buy back cost of existing
sonic wall 3060 firewall
3. Also rates may be quoted separately for one year support and three year
support, for all specified services.



The Firewall should be an appliance based firewall
Firewall should be on purpose built hardware platform and should not use use any of the commercially available Operating system
Firewall should be with at least 1 Gbps throughput
3DES VPN performance should be at least 500Mbps
Firewall should support at least 600,000 Packets Per Second
Firewall should support up to 2,56,000 Concurrent sessions
Firewall should support up to 15,000 New sessions/second
Firewall should have support for 4000 policies
Firewall should minimum of 4 10/100/1000 interfaces and 6 PIM Slots
Firewall should have at least additional 4 slots for WAN Modules with total of 12 configurable ports, out of that minimum 5 for WAN connections.
Firewall should support WAN interfaces like Serial (V.35),E1,T1,Serial, T1, E1, DS3, E3, ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+, G.SHDSL

Operational Modes

The Firewall should support Layer 2 (Transparent)mode and Layer 3 mode
Firewall should support static NAT ,Policy based NAT and PAT
The firewall ports should be capable of configuring as bridge groups which can function as an inbuilt switch


Firewall should have Antispam,Anti-Spyware,Anti-Adware,Anti-Spyware,Anti-Keylogger
Firewall should have Antivirus with atleast 200,000+ signature database
Firewall should have Integrated URL filtering solution
Firewall should provide TCP reassembly for fragmented packet protection
Firewall should support atleast 3 logical Virtual Routers on the appliance
Firewall should be able to support atleast 150 VLAN's
Firewall should support internal DHCP Server
Firewall should support DHCP Client

Security Services

Should support optional integrated IPS with more that 1000+ signature
Should support optional integrated Anti-Virus with more than 200,000+ attack covered.
Should support optional integrated Anti-Spam
Should support optional integrated URL Filtering
Should support optional integrated Anti-Phishing
Should support optional integrated Adware/ Spyware protection.


Firewall should support up to 1000 Concurrent VPN tunnels
Firewall should be capable of Dynamic routing on VPN
Firewall should support DES (56-bit), 3DES (168-bit) and AES encryption
Firewall should support MD-5 and SHA-1 authentication
Firewall should support client based IPSec VPN Tunnels
Firewall should be able to prevent against replay attacks
Firewall should support IPSec NAT Traversal

High Availability

Firewall should support Active/Passive High Availability
Firewall should support Active/Active High Availability
Firewall should support Stateful Failover of Firewall and VPN Sessions
Firewall should support authentication for HA members
Firewall should support encryption of HA traffic

Routing Support

Should support routing protocols like RIP,OSPF,BGP with atleast 2 instances of each of these protocols.
Should support source based routing
Should support atleast 20000 static routes
Should support Multicast routing including RFP,IGMP,PIM and Mcast inside IPSec tunnel
Should support encapsulations like PPP,HDLC,MLPPP,Frame Relay and MLFR

User Authentication

Firewall should support more than 1500 internal user database for user authentication.
3rd Party user authentication RADIUS, RSA SecurID, LDAP, X.Auth
Should support 802.1x authentication
Unified Access Control enforcement point
Web based authentication

Firewall Management

Firewall should support Web based (HTTP and HTTPS) configuration and management.
Firewall should support Command Line Interface using console, Telnet and SSH
Firewall should support management via VPN tunnel on any interface
Should be managed using a centralized management system

Traffic Shaping

Per policy guaranteed and maximum bandwidth configuration
Ingress traffic policing configuration
Priority bandwidth configuration
DSCP Marking Firewall and IPSec traffic


Should support Syslog server logging
Should support notification through email
Should be able to integrate with third party logging servers like NetIQ WebTrends
Should have support for SNMP V1 and SNMP V2

Firewall should have following PKI Support

PKI Certificate requests (PKCS 7 and PKCS 10)
Automated certificate enrollment (SCEP)
Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

Firewall should support following Certificate Authorities

RSA Keon
iPlanet (Netscape)


Firewall should support multilevel administration privilege
Firewall should support Software upgrades using TFTP and Web interface.

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  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer
Tel. 25431366


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