Limited Tender Enquiry No. : PN/66 Dated of Enquiry : 16.11.2009
Due Date : 05.12.2009
Telephone Exchange 25432299, 25431817,
25430363, 25430017 (Ext.210)
Fax No. : 91-020-25430416
Purchase Officer : 25431366 E-mail : purchase@ftiindia.com
Sr. No. Description of the Material
1. As per detailed mentioned in the Annexure 'A' enclosed herewith

The rates to be quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, including packing, freight charges and octroi charges for door delivery
at our Stores at the FTII.

  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer
Tel. 25431366


1) The vendor has to submit a Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) @2% of his quoted value in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “ The Accounts Officer , Film & TV Institute of India, Pune”, on any nationalised bank payable at Pune in case the vendor fails to submit the said EMD his quotation may be considered.
2) The successful bidder has to submit a Performance Security Deposit @5% of the Purchase order value either in form of Account Payee Demand Draft, Fixed Deposit Receipt on any nationalised bank or Bank Gurantee. It should be valid for the period of 60 day beyondthe date of completion of all contractual obligations of the supplier including warranty obligations.
3) Mention Enquiry No. Name of the material , quotation No. & Due date and write as “Limited Tender Enquiry” on the Envelope.
4) Quotation by fax/email and Coditional quotation will not be accepted .
5) rates to be quoted in words & any correction/overwriting should stamped & signed.


Annexure ' A '

Sr. No.   Description of Material
A) features for CG Sennheiser Microphone and its Accessories :
  1. Basic character generator software ( Title composer
  2. Support for all official Indian language & some international language
  3. Multiple Roll & Crawl with 2d & 3 Danimation..
  4. Multiple Logos with animation supporting most of the file formates like bmp, jpg, tga, gif & avi files etc.
  5. import facility for data from other sources.
  6. Data representation by table & charts.
  7. Support for analog & digital clock: Countdown timer, MS office, Multilingual spell checker, Photo shop, Anti-aliased fonts.
  8. Support for user defined built in template.
  9. Real time preview on VGA window.
  10. Editing Features & multiple layers in the page.
  11. Effects like wipes & zoom effects, video crop facility & Keying facility, separate video pass through facility.
B) Hardware for CG :
  1. Intel core Duo Processor
  2. OS: Windows Vista Professional or windows XP professional
  3. RAM: 4GB
  4. Internal HDD: 320 GB
  5. Optical : 16XDVD +/-R/RW
  6. Ethernet: 1x10/100 Port, USB etc.
  7. Display: VGA & HDMI
  8. Wired Keyboard, Mouse & Wacom Tabulate.
  9. 17” LCD Montor ( Resolution 1920 x 1080 with required adaptor )
  10. PAL System.
  11. 2 x SD-SDI , upgradeable to HD, 1 x composite video output
  12. 1 x SD- SDI input
  13. Composite reference Video input
  14. Any other hardware ( if any) supporting above features of C.G.


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