Tender No. : FTII / Plan /Adv-04 / 2009-10 Dated 11th January, 2010

" Due date for this Tender is extended upto 23rd Feb.2010,
Those who have already submitted the proposal need not to submit again"


Lighting System for TV Studio No. 1
( Size 60’ x 40’ x height 23’ approx.)
Dated of Enquiry :
Due Date :


Description/Specifications, Material Code, Quantities of Items
Rates to be quoted for each of the following item in the "Price bid Schedule" Rates as per Appendix-8
  Dated of Enquiry :
Due Date :

Sr. No. Description of Stores Qty. Specifications Approx Cost. Rate per Unit
1. Lighting System for TV Studio No.1 ( Size 60’ x 40’ x height 23’ approx.) No. of fly-grids as per size of the studio Approx:
18-20 Nos. Other Nos. required for 18-20 grids

(1) Motorized Fly Grid with required fixtures like C track, MS angles, suspenders, cable trays, remote control system for fly-grid lighting system & other fixtures for the above lighting grids (x-y type lighting system)

(A) + (B)

60 lakhs


(2) Motorised remote control panel to control Up-Down movement of the grids

01No (3) Digital lighting console to control min. 100-150 or more Dimmer circuits and 30 moving lights with UPS backup  
Per grid (4) Minimum 4-6 Nos. of light points compatible to existing types of hot light with required clamps ( per grid)  
Per grid (5) Minimum 4-6 Nos. of cool light points  
16 Nos. or more (6) Bottom light points on studio floor  
18-20 Boxes (Total) (7) Dimmer box for each lighting grid  
Lump sum (8) Accessories such as patch cords, terminations, connectors , clamps for existing lights.  
Lot (9) Cabling , installation, testing, commissioning of above lighting system, motorized control panel, Dimmer circuits , lights points & other items/fixtures
-- (10) Training to all concerned
Faculty/Tech. staff on above
lighting system.
Lumpsum (11) Fresnel spot & energy efficient high intensity cool lights of various wattages with clamps & accessories.  
2. Other Requirements 01
  1. Existing high-low bar type lighting system to be removed
  2. No major civil modifications in the existing studio complex.
  3. All major/minor item like electrical, mechanical, electronics, to be mentioned in the quotation.
  4. Drawings/wiring diagram of entire lighting system to be provided.
  5. Complete technical training including operation of above lighting system


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