Tender - Lighting System for TV Studio No.1


Description/Specifications, Material Code, Quantities of Items
Rates to be quoted for each of the following item in the "Price bid Schedule" of Rates as per Appendix-8


Motorised Lighting Grid system ( Square type ) for TV studio I ( Studio Size length 60’ x width 40’ x height 23’ (approx ), consisting of )

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Purchase Officer : 25431366 Date of Enquiry : 20/08/2010
Tender Enquiry No. : PN/ Due Date : 14/09/2010
Sr. No. Description of the Material Qty. Approx. Cost Rate Per Unit
(A) Lighting System      
1) Motorized Fly Grid with required fixtures like MS tubes (40 NB), C- track, MS angles, suspenders, cable trays, 1.5 HP motor with DC brake, Gear box, Limit controllers, Junction boxes, DMX,IEC sockets etc for each grid. ( Grid load capacity 50 KG per / Sq. Mtr. ) 18 numbers of fly Grids. Other number of fixtures as per number of fly grids 60 LAKHS  
2) Remote motor control System including panel to control up and down movements of each Fly Grid 1 No.    
3) Digital lighting console to control minimum 150 existing lights and 30 moving lights with UPS backup ( for lighting console only ) 1 No.    
4) Minimum 6 No. of light points (32 A) compatible to existing lights with required clamps, Sockets & Tops. Per Grid    
5) Minimum 3 No. of light points for cool lights (16A) Per Grid    
6) Bottom light points compatible to existing lights on studio floor (32A) 16 Nos.    
7) Dimmer box for each lighting grid 18 Nos.    
8) Accessories such as patch cords,(180Nos) ( terminators connectors, clamps, telescopic extenders ( straight 10 Nos.,
L shape 10 Nos) etc for existing type of lights.
9) Cabling , Installation, Testing, commissioning of above lighting system, motorized control panel, Dimmer circuits with panel, lights points & other items / fixtures. Lot    
10) Training to all concerned faculty / technical staff on above lighting systems.      
B) Other Requirements :
1) Existing High-Low bar type of TV studio I lighting system to be removed      
2) No major Civil / Electrical modifications in the existing TV studio I complex.      
3) All required major / minor items like electrical, mechanical, electronics, to be mentioned in the quotation.      
4) Detailed drawing of Fly Grid lighting system & electrical wiring diagram & specifications of components to be provided at the time of quotation      
(C) Remarks :
1) Tenders are required to visit the TV studio I Complex for exact measurement and other technical requirement before submitting the quotation      
(D) Terms :
1) Tenderer should have work experience of at least 5 years of installation of moving lighting grid system.      
2) Demonstration of lighting system installed earlier by Tenderer is required      
3) Tenderers will be required to provide free of cost comprehensive warranty for entire Installed Lighting System for a period of One Year from the date of completion of work.      
4) The tenderers will also be required to maintain the Installed Lighting System for further five years at reasonable rates.      


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