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25430363, 25430017 (Ext.210)
Fax No. :
E-mail :
91-020-25430416 purhcase@ftiindia.com
Purchase Officer : 25431366 Date of Enquiry : 23/12/2010
Tender Enquiry No. : PN / 27 Due Date : 24/01/2011 (Extended)
Sr. No. Description of the work Rate
1) Domestic and International courier charges for the dispatches of DVD’s, Betacam cassettes,  35 mm celluloid prints etc. to various cities in India (Delhi, Mumbai , Kerala etc.) and abroad (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, other European countries, USA, Asian countries etc.) ranging from 0.500 Kg, 1.000 kg and parts their of. These dispatches are required to be collected from the Institutes premises from       10.00 am to 6.00 pm on all working days (Monday to Saturday). Consignments must be picked up on the day of intimation and be forwarded to their destination on the same day.The courier agency has to ensure tax free return of the consignments from foreign countries.            

Charges for local and Mumbai (maximum next day) delivery of documents should be quoted separately. The payment will be released within   60 days (Maximum) from the date of submission of Invoice. Please note the validity period of the quoted charges will be one year.
  ( For more details contact Shri C.A.Joshi – 9890389715, or Ext.-211)  

The rates to be quoted should be inclusive of all taxes, including packing, freight charges and octroi charges for door delivery at our Stores at the FTII.

  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer


1) Mention Enquiry, Name of the Material, Quotation No. & Due Date and write as ‘Quotation’ on the Envelope.
2) Quotation by Fax will not be accepted.
3) Conditional Quotation will not be accepted.
4) Rates to be quoted in words & any correction/overwriting should stamped & signed.



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