The Film and Television Institute of India, Pune is interested in the appointment of Agent for the Clearing & Forwarding Services for Import/Export of equipment etc. on the following Terms and conditions for a period of two years. The Institute has been granted Certificate of Import/Export code (IEC) Number.

Telephone Exchange: 25432299, 25431817,
25430363, 25430017 (Ext.210)
Fax No. :
E-mail :
91-020-25430416 purhcase@ftiindia.com
Purchase Officer : 25431366 Date of Enquiry : 16/08/2010
Tender Enquiry No. : NP/29 Due Date : 07/09/2010
1) All receipted expenses such as Warehouse Charges, S Form Fees, Freight, D.O. Charges, CMC Charges ,Port Trust Charges, Stamp Duty, Interest, Exchange Fluctuation Charges will paid as per actual receipt pertaining to the Bill of Entry.
2) Service Tax ,if any, will be paid as per rules.
3) Advance payment for Custom Duty will be made as against demand concerned, however advance payment for Freight, Warehouse Charges and other receipted charges etc. will be given against Bank Guarantee.
4) Advance for Customs Duty will be paid immediately on submission of copy of Bill of Entry/Duty Challan / Checklist, by Demand Draft in favour of Custom authority payable at Mumbai. However , if Interest is to be paid, the Demand Draft will include interest up to the date, when duty is to be paid in customs nominated Bank (Up to the next working day from the handling over the Demand Draft to the Clearing Agent)
5) For consignments of FOB basis freight charges will be paid by Demand Draft payable at Mumbai as per the cargo arrival notice.
6) Consignment will have to be cleared within 5 working days from the intimation of cargo Arrival Notice and accordingly insurance policy will have to be obtained from the concerned insurance company.
7) The Documents required for clearing of the consignment from Customs i.e. Bank Delivery Order, freight certificate, original Invoice etc. will be provided to the Clearing Agent on demand in writing.
8) The rates to be quoted as service charges for the clearing of Import/Export consignments from Air Cargo Complex Mumbai/Port Trust Mumbai, will include charges for Sundry expenses, Documentation, S Form formalities, Attendance/Handling and cartage/loading-unloading (Labour charges) etc. .the rates to be quoted as percentage of Assessable Value of the consignment by the Customs.
9) On above terms and conditions the rates should be quoted strictly in the enclosed pro-forma I and II giving full particulars of the constitution of Organization and Service Network of Agent, Sales Tax, Income Tax Registration/Clearance Certificate ,contractual relations as Clearing and Forwarding Agent with past experience if any, with any government Organisation / Autonomous Body.

Kindly note that the due date of the quotation is up to 07-09-2010. Please submit your Sealed quotation on or before due date.

  Yours faithfully,
(S.K. Shahare)
Purchase Officer


Sr. No. Description   Rate (Rs.)
1) Transportation from Air Cargo Complex/Port Trust MUMBAI to FTII Stores at PUNE a) Per Kg.  
    b) Fixed Charges  
i) Per Truck Load  
ii) Per Tempo Load  
iii) Minimum  
2) Agency charges including Sundry Expenses. Documentation, S form Formalities. Attendance / Handling and Cartage/Loading-Unloading (Labour Charges) etc. @ percentage of
Consignment Value
Assessed by Customs



Sr. No. Description   Rate (Rs.)
1) Transportation from Air cargo complex/port Trust MUMBAI to FTII Stores at PUNE a) Per Kg.  
    b) Fixed Charges  
i) Per Truck Load  
ii) Per Tempo Load  
iii) Minimum  
2) Agency Charges @ percentage of Consignment
Value Assessed by Customs
3) Sundry Expenses- per Bill of Entry  
4) Documentation expenses per Bill of Entry  
5) S Form formalities expenses per Bill of Entry  
6) Attendance/Handling expenses per Bill of Entry  
7) Cartage/Loading-Unloading (Labour Charges) per Bill of Entry  
8) Service Tax  

(Note: Rates to be quoted in Rupees in Words and Figures)
I accept the Terms and Conditions

Date: Signature of Agent


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