Radio FTII - In the Service of Community !

Radio FTII was inaugurated by Gyanpeeth Award winner Dr. U.R. Ananthamurthy by releasing its signature tune on Jan 29, 2007. Our signature tune depicts the role of FTII in contribution to Indian Cinema.

Radio FTII provides informative and educative programmes on several topics. Ms. Gargi Phule has produced our maiden programmes a Marathi drama “Krishna Kinara” Since then we are moving forward. Our programme contents have grown up by 275% within a year. Today we are having about 350 programmes on diverse subjects and issues.

Our cinema enthusiastic listeners are getting programmes on Cinema in the form of interviews, lectures and interactions with noted film makers. Our Alumni share their experiences of the campus.

Indian Institute of Education, Pune, State Resource Centre, Pune have provided audio material on education. We are giving information on different streams and institute available for students to pursue higher education.

Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni, a dynamic person, has roped in specialist doctors to enrich our Health segment. He has also helped us in getting programmes on other subjects. Our effort is to explore the benefits of alternative therapies and practices.

Padma Vibhushan Dr. Mohan Dharia, former Cabinet Minister and former Vice-Chairman, Planning Commission, Ms. Sheetal Mahajan, Parachute Jumper who has five world records in Parachute Jumping and Dr. Prakash Amte’s selfless service to the tribal area is worth listening for inspiration. We had with us social workers Shanta Tai Ranade, Shri Y.B. Dixit, Prof. Sharad Chandra Gokhale (CASP).

We have to share each others problems to develop. In our concern about challenged persons, we have presented Mrs. Vidya Bhagwat and Mrs. Rohini Mehendale, who are working for rehabilitation of the disabled persons. We have provided a platform to Shri Ramakant Gaikwad, a visually handicapped person for his poetry and singing.

Human Right activist Adv. Asim Sarade has discussed in detail different issues covered under Human Rights and Adv. Sukhada Kulkarni on Human Rights related to women.

In our environment section ‘Zone Ozone’ many NGOs have come forward to tell you their contribution for better earth. Dr. Parag Mahajan an environmental Scientist has very well explained how to save nature.

Different faces of human being, experienced by our listeners, are shared. We try to bring out unknown faces from the crowd. Many voices have utilised our platform for their creative content. We have created characters for the awareness of social issues. Our programmes are enriched with health tips, general tips, general knowledge and social messages.

We have presented full length dedicated programmes on International Women’s Day , World Health Day, International Labour Day, World Environment Day, International Day for Disabled, Human Rights Day, World Aids Day, World Teacher’s Day and Teacher’s Day.

Our content shaping endeavour has won us a lot of listeners. The good work done so far, during this one year of Radio FTII has been appreciated. The response of the listeners has been encouraging.

It is a big achievement considering that though our resources remain limited, we have been able to maintain a quality in service and content.

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