Decisions taken in pre-bid meeting held on 19th October 2012.

Following points were discussed at length in the Pre-Bid Meeting held on 19.10.2012 and doubts raised by the representatives were also clarified, which is as follows :-

1. The representatives expressed difficulties in procuring the Bank Guarantee as EMD. It was resolved that the said EMD may be submitted in the form of Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee whichever is convenient to them. However, it was clarified that the said DD/EMD must be from any of the Nationalised or Scheduled Bank. It was further clarified that all transactions must be from any of the Nationalised or Scheduled Bank.

2. As regards to the type of manpower (A-technical manpower & B-office staff), it was resolved that they may quote separately for A & B.

3. As regards to quote for housekeeping, it was informed to the representatives that the said tender is for comprehensive housekeeping and they should quote in Lumsump per month. The quoted rates must be excluding Service Tax. It was clarified the rates quoted will not undergo any changes till the validity of quote apart from changes in service tax which institute will bear at actual.

4. As regards to other two tenders, it was informed that the agencies should quote only their service charges per month in percentage on the basis of minimum wages as applicable under central government. Further, it was also informed that the service charges to be quoted excluding service tax.

5. It was informed by one of the representative that as per law, providing manpower upto 20 numbers, labour licence is not required. Further, as per rule the licence can be produced by the agency only after award of contract where FTII needs to submit form no 5 for the same. Hence, condition for labour licence along with technical bid may please be dropped. The request was considered since the same was as per rules.

6. It was informed to all the prospective bidders that while submitting the technical bid they must submit self attested (signed & stamped) copy/copies (as the case may be) of the blank tender document. This will enable us to conclude that the concern agency aggress to all the terms & conditions of the said tender.




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