Hostel Facilities

HOSTEL RENT (2018 Batch students)

Students of the Institute have to pay the following hostel and other deposits at the beginning of each semester.


Sr. No. Courses Hostel rent deposits and other charges
    Semester 1 Semester 2
1) Post Graduate Diploma in Film & Television (Direction & Screenplay Writing, Cinematography, Sound Recording & Sound Design, Editing) Rs.32,978/- Rs.10,281/-
2) Post Graduate Diploma in Acting Rs.32,978/- Rs.10,281/-
3) Post Graduate Diploma in Art Direction & Production Design Rs.32,978/- Rs.10,281/-
4) Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing Rs.32,978/- Rs.10,281/-


TV Wing

Sr. No. Courses Hostel rent deposits and other charges
1) Post Graduate Certificate in Television (Direction, Electronic Cinematography, Video Editing, Sound Recording & Television Engineering) Rs.43,259/-


There are Student's Hostels both for boys and girls. The students requiring hostel accommodation may apply in the prescribed application form after being selected to the course.

*Detailed breakup of Hostel Rent, Deposits & Other charges

Sr. No. Particulars Film Wing Diploma Courses
Fees in Rs.
    Semester 1 Semester 2
1) Admission fee, Games fee, Medical fee, Internet charges, Library fee, Student's Association Membership 1,032/- 1030/-
2) Library Deposit 3,328/- ------
3) Security Deposit 13,310/- ------
4) Hostel admission, Hostel reading room 266/- 266/-
5) Hostel Rent 7,986/- 7,986/-
6) Electricity & Water 999/- 998/-
7) Hostel Deposit 3,328/- ------
8) Mess Deposit 2,662/- ------
9) Hand Book 67/- -----