Hostel Facilities


Students of the Institute have to pay the following fees at the beginning of each academic year. Deposits are carried forward for courses longer than one year.

Sr. No. Courses Hostel rent deposits and other charges
1) Post Graduate Diploma in Film & Television
(Direction, Cinematography, Sound Recording & Sound Design, Editing)
Rs.32,450/- *
2) Post Graduate Diploma in Acting Rs.35,450/- *
3) Post Graduate Diploma in Art Direction & Production Design Rs.35,450/- *
4) Post Graduate Certificate in Television (Direction, Electronic Cinematography, Video Editing, Sound Recording & Television Engineering) Rs.35,450/- *
5) Post Graduate Certificate Course in Feature Film Screenplay Writing Rs.35,450/-*
6) Certificate Course in Animation & Computer Graphics Rs.35,450/-*

There are Student's Hostels both for boys and girls. The students requiring hostel accommodation may apply in the prescribed application form after being selected to the course.

*Detailed breakup of Hostel Rent, Deposits & Other charges

No. Particulars Fees in Rs.  
1) Admission fee, Games fee, Medical fee, Internet charges, Library fee, Student's Association Membership 1550/- Per Year
2) Library Deposit 2,500/- One Time
3) Security Deposit 10,000/- One Time
4) Hostel admission, Hostel reading room 400/- Per Year
5) Hostel Rent 12,000/- for 3 year PG diploma course P.Y.
15,000/- for all other courses P.Y.
6) Electricity & Water 1,500/- Per Year
7) Hostel Deposit 2,500/- One Time
8) Mess Deposit 2,000/- One Time


1) Tution fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
2) Security deposit will be refunded either after completion of the course or in the event of a student discontinuing his/her studies after deducting any dues, breakages or loss of institute’s property.
3) Living expenses in Pune will be around Rs. 5,000/- to Rs.7,000/- per month. Besides these expenses, students should be prepared to purchase important textbooks and material prescribed from time to time for their academic work.
4) The tuition fees, rents and other charges for International/NRI students (other than those sponsored by ICCR) are 6 times the fee mentioned.