Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Swimming Pool and life guard

Date :  26.4.2012

    Sub :  Submission of quotation for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of
                               Swimming Pool and providing life guard for the year 2012-13.

            It has been decided to entrust the Annual Maintenance of Swimming Pool including the chemical material, labour duty 8 hrs. six days a week and overall supervision charges and providing of life guard for smooth functioning of swimming pool for the period from 14th May, 2012 to 13th May, 2013.  The person deployed at swimming pool should be well conversant with operation of filtration plant.  Mixing of proper chemical and punctual.

            Regarding duties of life guard, the person should possesses proper adequate knowledge of first aid and should take care of safety of swimming be always alert and must possess the required qualifications and license as per Pune Municipal Corporation rule.

            You are therefore, requested to kindly inspect the swimming pool and filtration plant and submit your estimate / quotation for the Annual Maintenance of Swimming pool and providing of services of life guard on or before 7.5.2012 positively.  The quotation received thereafter, will not be entertained.

             Thanking you,
            Yours faithfully,


           Estate Manager



  • Note  :  On sealed envelope mentioned clearly { Estate Manager, FTII, Pune – 411 004 } Quotation for AMC Swimming Pool  – 2012 - 13.