New Results of Walk-In-Interviews held on 12.12.2017

New Film Appreciation Course (05 days) at Nagpur from 26th to 30th Dec 2017

New Basic Course in Digital Cinematography (Pune)

New Course on Writing for Television Fiction (Pune)

New Foundation Course in Screenplay Writing (New Delhi)

New Film Appreciation Course (Mumbai)

New List of Candidates selected for Winter Film Appreciation Course –09 23 December 2017

New Result One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Television 12th batch (2016-17)

New Lensight Call for Papers

FTII Prospectus 2017

Exam Papers FTII

Six FTII courses get Master's Degree Equivelence

The Film and Television Institute of India is designed for a new generation of storytellers: visual and performing artists who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program. FTII students are not lost in large classes. As an explicit policy, we limit class size, to make individual attention and interaction among students and instructors possible. All students are encouraged to meet faculty one-on-one for consultation throughout their course creating an environment that promotes personal development and learning.
In keeping with this philosophy, the FTII takes pride in its open door policy of admission. Students from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life are welcome. This nurtures a supportive, positive atmosphere conducive to the level of collaboration required to do great work. Celebrated guest speakers from the film, television, and media industries frequently visit FTII to share their knowledge and experience with our students.
Learning to be a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, Art Director, Actor, Screen Play Writer or Animator is not done “by mere numbers.” It is done by hands-on experience, trial and error, feedback and correction, and questions and answers. Filmmaking demands the integration of many kinds of knowledge. It is the integration of knowledge that distinguishes the FTII from many other film schools.


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